About Us

Pawtrero™ Hill BathHouse & Feed Co. Ltd. was founded by Shireen Nyden & Suzie Yannes, who met at the Potrero Rec. Center dog park in San Francisco in the summer of 2001. By January, they were commiserating over how muddy their dogs would get after one trip to the dog park and there was no convenient place to bathe them. The only alternative was to take their dirt ridden dogs home and dump them in the bath tub — we all know the outcome of this scenario: dirty tub... shake, shake, shake... wet and dirty house!

Shireen and Suzie were not only concerned about keeping their pets clean on the outside, they wanted to continue the clean cycle from the outside – in. Both of their dogs were having dietary issues, so they began extensive research on natural foods without chemicals or by-products. Once they discovered how bad the commercial foods were and how they were affecting their dogs, they decided their mission would be to share the information they had gathered with as many people they could find to listen.

Pawtrero™ Hill BathHouse & Feed Co. then opened in October of 2002 in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. The store has a down to earth old-fashioned feed store atmosphere. Their second store opened in June of 2005 in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. The essence of this neighborhood was captured with a beachy, bright, open-air feeling. Both stores have dog bathing facilities and carry high quality food, treats, toys and gear for cats and dogs.

Shireen and Suzie continue to research, educate their staff and make it the highest priority to know not only where the foods they carry are being manufactured, but also where the manufacturers are getting their protein, to how these animals have been raised. They work closely with a holistic vet, educated in both Eastern and Western medicine with a focus on nutrition, on recommendations for specific issues. When customers come to discuss a new diet for their pets Suzie, Shireen and their staff know where different breeds have originated from so that they can recommend the appropriate foods. This philosophy of quality and education has continued into all of the products that they carry in their stores.